Sublime Surfaces Process

Sublime Surfaces will initially discuss with the client the project at hand, we will outline creative ideas, either taking the client's exact vision, working from a client idea, or creating from scratch. Elements such as location, use, measurements, materials and methods will be considered.

Next Sublime Surfaces will make drawings and sketches based upon the client consultation.

The client will review final sketches, sometimes undergoing revisions to ensure complete satisfaction. Once a design and materials are agreed upon, fabrication will begin.

This is the bulk of the project, Sublime Surfaces will fabricate the project in their downtown Chicago studio. This process varies according to project size and scope, Sublime Surfaces will update the client with progress reports throughout this process.

Installation times and methods will also vary according to the project, sometimes preparation will be required prior to actual installation.

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to download a time lapse movie of Griffin creation. (1.2 MB file)


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